Mailbox Permissions Gathering Tasks

Scheduling Data Gathering Tasks can be done from the Task Scheduling option of Exchange Reporter Plus.

Mailbox Properties will be gathered from all the Exchange Servers selected.  

To schedule a New Mailbox Permissions Gathering Task

  1. Click on Admin Tab → Task Scheduling → Schedule New Task

  2. Provide a Schedule Name.

  3. Select Mailbox Permission from the Gathering Tasks drop down.

  4. Select the Schedule Type.

  5. Select the Time.

  6. Click on the Add button against Data Sources

    1. In the dialog box that opens, select the Exchange Servers for which the mailbox permissions are required.
  7. Click on Create.

This will schedule a Mailbox Permission Gathering Task.

A scheduled tasks gathers data only from one Exchange Organization. Any number of Mailbox Permission Gatherings can be scheduled.



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