Scheduling Traffic Logs Gathering Tasks

The Hub Transport Server role, which is responsible for handling all the mail flow within the organization, logs all the email traffic data across the Exchange objects in the Message Tracking Logs. Exchange Reporter Plus collects the traffic data from these log files and stores it as raw data for producing the following "Drill down reports".

  1. Intra – Organizational Traffic reports

  2. Overall Traffic from/to Internet reports

  3. Traffic from/to Internet (By Domain) reports

  4. Traffic from/to Internet (By User) reports

These raw data are further processed and aggregated to get hourly and daily email traffic reports.

Scheduling Traffic Logs Task can be done from the Task Scheduling option of Exchange Reporter Plus.


To schedule a New Traffic Logs Gathering Task

  1. Click on Admin Tab → Task Scheduling → Schedule New Task

  2. Provide a Schedule Name.

  3. Select Traffic Logs Gathering Task from the Gathering Tasks drop down.

  4. Select the Schedule Type.

  5. Select the Time.

  6. Select the Log Files Date for which log files will be gathered and parsed.

  7. Click on Add to add Exchange Servers from where Message Tracking logs are to be gathered.

  8. Click on Create.

This will schedule a New Traffic Logs Gathering Task.

  • Message Tracking Logs are rolled-over by Microsoft Exchange every midnight (00:00 GMT). Logs which are not rolled-over might not have the data for the entire day. Because of this Exchange Reporter Plus collects data, only from the rolled over logs.

  • Message Tracking Logs are gathered from Exchange Servers from the default log path. If there is any change in the log path you can update the log path using the "Log Path configuration" option of Exchange Reporter Plus.

  • Exchange Reporter Plus performs a cleanup process to reduce the database size since large amount of traffic details will get accumulated. All the "Drill down report data" and "Mailbox Traffic hourly report data" older than 35 days will be removed from the working database. The cleanup period of 35 days can be configured. To change the settings, contact the support team at



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