Viewing Scheduled Tasks

Schedules are configured in Exchange Reporter Plus to gather relevant data from various data sources. Exchange Reporter Plus allows creation of multiple schedules for most data gathering tasks. However, only one schedule can be created for Mailbox Content gathering and Public Folder Content gathering tasks.

All the Data Gathering tasks scheduled in Exchange Reporter Plus can be viewed from the "Scheduled Tasks" page,

The "Scheduled Tasks" page provides complete information about the schedules. You can modify, delete, enable or disable the schedules that are listed in the page.


To view Scheduled Tasks :

  1. Click on the "Admin" Tab

  2. Click on "Task Scheduling" option under 'Scheduling"

This lists all the tasks that are scheduled.


Following are the fields available under a "scheduled task":




The options under the Actions Column  allows one to Modify, delete, enable or disable the schedule.

Schedule Name

The name provided by the user.  Click on any "Schedule Name" to view the complete details of the schedule.

Schedule Description

User defined description for schedule.

Gathering Task

The "Data Gathering Task" for which the schedule is created.

Schedule Time

It displays the time at which the scheduled task will run.

Gathering Servers

The servers from which data gatherings will be done can be viewed.


You cannot modify, delete or disable a run-immediately schedule.  


Default Schedules shown under Schedule Tasks:

Some of the Scheduled Tasks will be listed under the Scheduled Task history immediately after installation or when a new Exchange Organization is added. These are run immediately schedules created by default, so that a new user can view reports on Exchange Reporter Plus immediately after it is installed.

Following are the schedules created by default when a new "Exchange Organization" is added:

  1. Essential Data gathering.

  2. Distribution list membership gathering.

  3. Mailbox account properties gathering.

  4. Traffic logs gathering.

  5. Outlook Web Access Logs gathering.

All reports will not have data to show immediately after installation. Only reports that are based on data gathered from the default schedules can be viewed.

  1. The following default daily tasks are scheduled by arbitrarily choosing one exchange server.

    • Mailbox account properties gathering.

    • Traffic logs gathering.

    • Outlook Web Access Logs gathering.

  2. To view data in all the reports you will need to create appropriate schedules.

  3. Creating schedules (Data Gathering Tasks) manually can be done from the Task Scheduling option.  

  4. The Reports based on Data Gatherings table will guide you with the "Data Gathering task" you need to schedule in-order to collect appropriate data for a report.


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