Scheduling New Data Gathering Tasks

Scheduling Data Gathering tasks can be done from the Task Scheduling option of Exchange Reporter Plus. Before scheduling a Data Gathering task, the following parameters are to be taken into consideration.

  1. Schedule Name

  2. Type of Data Gathering Task

  3. Schedule Type

  4. Time Zone

  5. Credentials

Schedule Name:

This is user - defined. A user can input any schedule name corresponding to the data gathering task.


Type of Data Gathering Tasks:

The various data gathering tasks in Exchange Reporter Plus are

  1. Essential data Gathering Task ( How to Schedule)

  2. Distribution List Membership Gathering Task (How to Schedule)

  3. Mailbox Account Properties Gathering Task (How to Schedule)

  4. Public Folder Properties Gathering Task (How to Schedule)

  5. Traffic Logs Gathering Task (How to Schedule)

  6. OWA Logs Gathering Task (How to Schedule)

  7. Mailbox Permissions Gathering Task (How to Schedule)

Each of the "Data Gathering Tasks" listed above gather data from corresponding data sources and require task specific privileges.


Schedule Type:

Schedule Type defines the frequency in which the scheduled tasks will run. The schedule type could be daily, weekly, monthly, only once, Repeat every N days or Run Immediately.


Schedule Type

Schedule Type Description

Daily schedules

Runs once every day at a scheduled time.

Weekly schedules

Runs once every week on a given day and at the given time.

Monthly schedules

Runs once every month on a given date and at a given time.

Only once

Runs only once at a specified time.

Repeat Every N Days

Runs once in every n days at a specified time.

Run Immediately

Runs immediately (From the instant schedule is created).


Time Zone :

The time zone selection controls what time zone the schedule will run at. Local time zone indicates the time in the machine on which Exchange Reporter Plus is installed.

Message Tracking Logs are rolled-over by Microsoft Exchange at every midnight (00:00 GMT). Logs which are not rolled-over might not have the data for the entire day. Due to this Exchange Reporter Plus collects data only from the rolled over logs. Hence, appropriate selection of Time Zone is advised.


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