Mailbox audit logging

Using the reports listed below, you can audit various mailbox activities performed by admins, delegates, and other users. Keep track of all mailboxes deleted or moved.

Admin Activity on Mailbox

This report can be used to track admin access on mailboxes in your organization.

Delegate Activity on Mailbox

This report provides details about a delegate's activity on all mailboxes.

Non-Owner Activity on Mailbox

This report tracks the activities performed by both admins and delegates on a particular mailbox over a period of time.

Owner Activity on Mailbox

This report can be used to audit an owner's activity on a mailbox for your Exchange environment.

Mails Deleted or Moved

This report gives information on all the mails that have been deleted (both hard and soft) or moved to the deleted items folder in the mailbox.

Steps to generate mailbox audit logging reports:

  1. Go to the Audit tab on the top pane.
  2. Navigate to the Advanced Audit drop-down in the left side.
  3. Expand the Mailbox Audit Logging section, and choose a report.
  4. Enter the period for report generation.
  5. Select the type of view for the report (Summary, Default, or Custom View).

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