Admin Audit Log Reports

There are eight reports under this category using which you can keep an eye on mailbox permission changes, object creation and deletion, quota changes, and more.

Mailbox Permission Changes

This report gives details about changes made to permissions on mailboxes in your organization.

Mailbox Storage Quota Changes

This report helps you monitor all the changes to storage quotas in your mailboxes, including modified attributes like RetainDeletedItemsUntilBackup, RetainDeletedItemsFor, and UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults.

Mailbox Move Request

This report shows the mailboxes that were moved along with the user who moved the mailboxes.

Mailbox Create and Delete

This report helps you track the creation and deletion of mailboxes in the organization.

Send and Receive Connector Changes

Use this report to track all the changes made to send and receive connectors in your organization.

Circular Logging Changes

This report provides detailed information on the changes made to the circular logging setting of your databases.

Hub Transport Settings Changes

This report provides the results of auditing changes to hub transport settings in the organization.

Cmdlets Summary

This report displays complete information about the active cmdlets running within your Exchange Server.

Distribution Group Changes

This report tracks the changes made to the distribution groups in your Exchange Server.

Distribution Group Membership Changes

This report helps you track addition or deletion of members to the distribution groups.

Public Folder Creation and Deletion

This report tracks the creation and deletion of public folders in your Exchange organization, along with user details and corresponding timestamps.

Note: By default, Exchange Reporter Plus only tracks a few cmdlets. In order to obtain detailed information about any/all cmdlets, you can create new actions using the Action Configuration option, and add these actions while configuring new reports using the Report Configuration option.

Steps to generate admin audit log reports:

  1. Go to the Audit tab on the top pane.
  2. Navigate to the Advanced Audit drop-down in the left side.
  3. Expand the Admin Audit Log section, and choose a report.
  4. Enter the period for report generation.
  5. Select the type of view for the report (Summary, Default, or Custom View).

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