Configuring MSSQL Server

Exchange Reporter Plus also supports MS SQL database. To start using Microsoft SQL database for your Exchange Reporter Plus Server repository, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the SQL Server Configuration Manager.

  2. Go to SQL Server Services → SQL Server Browser.

  3. Make sure that the SQL Server Browser is running. (Note: The SQL Server Browser runs as a Windows service and provides information on SQL Server instances installed on the machine.)

  4. Go to SQL Server Network Configuration → Protocols for <Instance_Name>.

  5. Right click on the TCP/IP protocol and select Enable.

  6. Restart the SQL Server Service for the change in setting to take effect.

Note that MS SQL does not come bundled with the installation of the product. You can either use the existing MS SQL server at your end as the default database server or download it afresh from the Microsoft website.


Prerequisites to communicate with MS SQL server


To use MS SQL installed in a remote machine, you would have to install the corresponding SQL native client and command line utilities in the Exchange Reporter Plus machine as per the SQL version and CPU type of the machine.

Copy the following files from the MSSQL Server installation folder to the Exchange Reporter Plus\bin folder. 

The TCP and UDP Ports need to be opened if firewall is enabled in SQL Server machine. The UDP Port is normally 1434.


Steps to change the Exchange Reporter Plus database to MS SQL


Shut down Exchange Reporter Plus before performing the below steps.


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