Dashboard View

The Overview drop-down in the monitoring section is a consolidation of all data collected for generating the Exchange monitoring reports. The dashboards offer a quick snapshot of the statuses of all the functionalities monitored in your Exchange Server environment.

Formulation of graphs and tables occurs only when the dashboard borrows the required raw data collected for the reports. Therefore, it is imperative that you refrain from deleting or disabling any of the predefined reports.

To access these dashboards:

  1. Go to the Monitoring tab.
  2. Click on the Overview drop-down.
  3. Select the required objects from the options available.
  4. You can choose the desired Exchange server from the drop-down just above the Overview option.
  5. Choose the time period for which you want the dashboard details using the Period option available in the top-right corner.


Exchange Reporter Plus provides an overview of all the following objects in your Exchange organization:

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