About Firewall Analyzer - Enterprise Edition - Central Server

    Firewall Analyzer Enterprise Edition Central Server provides unified display of reports, alerts and other information collected, correlated, and analyzed from enterprise-wide heterogeneous devices by the Probe Servers. The Probe Servers are registered with Central Server. The Central Server manages the Probe Servers.

    The following are some of the key features of the Enterprise Edition Central Server release:  

    Feature Description
    Managing multiple collectors Manage, Delete, Enable, Stop, Reset Collector servers
    Dashboard Provides a quick view of current traffic statistics and security activity across all devices for a selected Collector server
    Advanced user management Allows you to create different users and set appropriate access privileges for Admin server only
    Multi-platform support Runs on Windows and Linux platforms
    Allows rebranding The Enterprise Edition can be customized for use of MSSP and others
    Archived file viewing Allows viewing of archived log files in the Collector Servers
    Live Reports Live reports of all the Firewalls for a selected Collector server