Viewing Firewall Reports

Firewall Analyzer offers a rich set of pre-defined reports that help in analyzing bandwidth usage and understanding network behavior.

The following reports are generated based on Firewall logs:

All the above reports can be accessed from the Left Navigation Pane. You need to select the specific Colletor Server to view the reports of the Firewalls monitored by the Collector Server. Select the Collector: combo box lists all the Collector servers registered with this Admin server. Select the Collector server as per your requirement. All the reports include links to several sections of the report which can be seen when the expand icon, or the report bar itself is clicked. Click on each section to go to the corresponding section of the report directly, or click the View Report link to view the entire report with all the sections.


On a broad level, reports in Firewall Analyzer are classified into the following types:


Report Description
My Report Profiles View custom report profiles to report on specific parameters
Firewall Reports View traffic reports, protocol usage, event summary, etc. for each firewall

Squid Proxy Reports View top talkers, site details, and squid usage summary for each squid proxy server

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