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Using Ask ME

The Ask ME tab offers a quick way to see just the reports that you need, without having to create a new report profile, or drilling down through the pre-defined reports.

Ask ME enables managers and other non-technical staff to answer simple but critical questions about bandwidth usage and network security.

The Ask ME tab shows a series of questions. In Step 1, select the area of interest in the "I have a question about..." combo box - bandwidth usage, firewall rules, etc. If you are not sure, leave it to the default All Questions option.

In Step 2, select the appropriate Firewall for which you need a report in the "Reporting for " combo box. If you are not sure, leave it to the default All Firewalls option.

In Step 3, select the appropriate question for which you need an answer. Then click the Get the Answer button.

The report corresponding to the question and the Firewall selected is now generated and displayed.

If you want more questions to come up in the Ask ME tab, click the Tell us here link. In the popup window that opens, enter the question and describe it shortly. Once you are done, click Send.

The Firewall Analyzer Technical Support team will analyze your question, and if found valid, will include it in upcoming releases of Firewall Analyzer.



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