Policy Optimization - Rule Management Reports

    Policy Optimization

    The Policy Optimization sub-section in Firewall Analyzer provides a view of all the Firewall policy optimization reports. This section can be accessed from the Policy Optimization link under the path Reports > Rule Management.

    The Policy Optimization reports sub-section consists the following tabs:

    1. Policy Anomalies
    2. Rule Suggestion
    3. Policy Fine Tuning
    4. Objects Usage
    5. Duplicate Objects

    Refer the Rule Management Report Support page, for the list of firewall devices.

    Policy Anomalies

    Firewall Analyzer offers an exhaustive set of Firewall policy anomaly reports in the policy optimization section. In the policy optimization sub-section, you get a variety of policy anomaly reports, which will aid you to optimize the performance of firewall policies. The Rule Management anomaly reports are, Correlation, Generalization, Grouping, Redundancy, and Shadow. The reports will be displayed in the graphical and tabular format. Refer the Policy Anomalies help page.


    Rule Suggestion

    Firewall Analyzer learns from the actual traffic to find out overly permissive rules. It suggests changes to fine-tune the rules. Refer the Firewall Rule Suggestion help page


    Policy Fine-tuning

    Firewall Analyzer uses the actual traffic to find out the allowed firewall rules. It suggests changes to fine-tune the rules. Refer the Policy Fine-tuning help page.


    Object Usage

    Firewall Analyzer use the actual traffic to generate 'Object Usage' report. It provides an overview of Network and Service objects used by the firewall. Refer the Object Usage help page.


    Duplicate Objects

    Firewall Analyzer generates 'Duplicate Objects Report'. It helps to find out Network and Service objects having same set of IP address/service but different object names. Refer the Duplicate Object help page.



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