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Managing Syslog Servers


The Syslog Server Settings page lets you manage the various virtual syslog servers set up to receive exported logs at different ports.


The default listener ports for the syslog server in Firewall Analyzer are 514 and 1514. If your firewalls are exporting log files to either of these ports, you do not have to set up any virtual syslog servers.


The Syslog Servers table shows the various virtual syslog servers set up so far, along with their IP address, listener port, and status. You can delete a virtual syslog server by clicking the delete icon. Once a virtual syslog server is deleted, the corresponding listener port is also freed. You can also stop the syslog collection by clicking the stop icon and restart the syslog collection by clicking on the restart icon.

Adding a New Syslog Server

The Add Syslog Server box lets you add a new virtual syslog server and begin listening on a new port for exported log files.


Enter a unique SysLog Server Name for the new virtual syslog server, and the listener port. The Host Name/IP Address field is currently not editable, and takes the IP address of the machine on which the Firewall Analyzer server is running.


Click Add Syslog Server to add this virtual syslog server, and begin listening for log files at the specified port.

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