Manage Alarm Profiles

    The Alarm Profiles link lets you manage all the alarm profiles set up so far.

    The Alarm Profiles table lists the following details of all the existing alarm profiles:

    Columns Description
    Profile Name Name of the alarm profile
    Priority Criticality of the alarm triggered by the profile
    Profile Type Whether the alarm profile is normal or anomaly

    Number of times each alarm has been triggered.

    Notification Type Denotes the type of notification
    Mail ID Email address associated with the alarm profile
    Status The switch lets you enable or disable an alarm profile and correspondingly start or stop triggering alarms for the same.
    Action Action to be initiated on the profile. Trash icon to delete the alarm profile.

    Click an alarm profile to see the corresponding list of alarms triggered

    Once deleted, the alarm profile is deleted and the alarms associated with this profile are retained in the database. The email indicates that an email notification has been set up for this alarm profile. The corresponding email address is also displayed next to this column. The SMS indicates that an SMS notification has been set up for this alarm profile.