Use prebundled sample firewall syslogs (Simulate)

    The Use Prebundled Sample Syslog (Simulate) option  in Add Device page lets you test Firewall Analyzer with sample data before setting it up on your network. The sample data is taken from the firewall_records.xml file present in the <Firewall Analyzer Home>/server/conf directory on the server. 

    Note The Use Prebundled Sample Syslog (Simulate) option lets you view reports for firewalls only, and not squid proxy servers.




    When you click the Use Prebundled Sample Syslog (Simulate) link from the welcome screen or the Discovery Settings > Add Device tab, the syslog server in Firewall Analyzer starts receiving the sample data as logs. The server then analyzes this data and generates reports assuming this data to be actual firewall logs. As a result, you can view all the pre-defined firewall reports, create custom report profiles, and set up notifications just like you would when actual data is received.

    At any time, click the Stop Simulate link from the Discovery Settings > Add Device tab to stop sending the sample data to the server. However, data already sent to the server will be present until the database is reinitialized.