Users Tab - Firewall Analyzer

    The Users is available only for Cisco PIX, NetScreen, FortiGate, and Identiforce Gateway . This section includes reports that help in monitoring and analyzing (User Activity Monitoring) the firewall user access, and aid in meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

    Top N Users by Traffic graph shows the top users grouped by summing the number of bytes sent and received by each. Each graph shows the user name, number of hits, and the number of bytes sent or received or both as applicable.

    Top N Cloud Users graph shows the top cloud users

    Top N Users by VPN Usage graph shows the top VPN users across all VPNs behind this firewall. The graph shows each user, along with duration of the VPN connection, the number of hits, and the total bytes of traffic generated by each user.

    Top N Users by Denied Logons report shows the users who have unsuccessfully attempted logging in to the firewall along with the count.