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Dashboard View Customization

In the Dashboard Views section, you can see Customize link besides "Dashboard Views:" title to customize the dashboard view and a combo box listing all the available Dashboard Views with All Devices view on top.

To customize the dashboard view, click Customize link. Dashboard View Customization page appears. It lists all the dashboard views available to the user including All Devices view on top.

The dashboard view customization page lets users to:

  • Create multiple dashboard views based on the devices assigned to the user. Each view can be configured to show a list of assigned devices. The created dashboard views are listed in the Dashboard Views combo box in the left hand side top of the Home tab.
  • Edit any of the listed views, except the All Devices dashboard view.
  • Set any one of the views as default dashboard view.
  • Delete any of the listed views, except the All Devices view and the default dashboard view, if any of the created dashboard view is set as a default dashboard view.

To create a new device view

Click Create Device View link. The Create Device View screen pops-up.

In that screen,

  • Enter a name for the view in the View Name text box.
  • Select the devices from the Available Devices list, and move it to the Dashboard View Devices list.
  • Select the Set this view as Default Home check box option to make this view as the default dashboard view upon user login.
  • Click Update to create the device view and Close to close the screen.

Now you can see the new view created is listed in the Dashboard View Customization page.

To edit a device view

To edit a view, click the other_views icon of the view to be edited. The Edit Device View screen pops-up. The procedure is same as that of create device view.

To set a device view as default view

Select any one of the listed views to be Set as default. The default dashboard view is indicated by the default_dashboard_view icon and all other views by the other_views icon.

Click the other_views icon of the view, which you want to set as deafult view. Now the other_views icon changes to default_dashboard_view icon and in the previous default view, the default_dashboard_view icon changes to other_views icon.

To delete a device view

To delete a view, click the other_views icon of the view to be deleted.

Default View: The default dashboard view is the one which appears in the Home tab, upon user login. By default All Devices view is set as default view. User can create and set any view as default view. Default view will appear automatically only when the user closes the client and re-logs in. User can view any of the listed dashboard views and traversing between the tabs will not change the view.


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