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Firewall Analyzer Reports

Firewall Analyzer offers a rich set of pre-defined reports that help in analyzing bandwidth usage and understanding network behavior. On a broad level, reports in Firewall Analyzer are classified into the following types:

Report Description
My Report Profiles Create custom report profiles to report on specific parameters
Firewall Reports View traffic reports, protocol usage, event summary, etc. for each firewall

Squid Proxy Reports View top talkers, site details, and squid usage summary for each squid proxy server
Trend Reports View trends of bandwidth usage, protocol usage, and events generated
Reports Across Devices View bandwidth usage, protocol usage, etc. across all devices whose logs are analyzed


Component Description
Global Calendar Allows you to select the time period for all reports from one place. By default, the current day's data from 00:00 Hrs to the current time is shown.


All the above reports can be accessed from the Reports tab. Except the Live Report, all other reports include links to several sections of the report which can be seen when the expand icon, or the report bar itself is clicked. Click on each section to go to the corresponding section of the report directly, or click the View Report link to view the entire report with all the sections.

DNS Resolution in Reports

Firewall Analyzer provides an option to configure DNS resolution for all the reports. For more details refer Configuring DNS Resolution page under the System Settings section.

In each of the individual reports a ResolveDNS link has been provided at the top. Clicking this link enables DNS Resolution for all the IP Addresses of the unresolved hosts present in the current report. The status of DNS Resolution depends on the default DNS lookup time, within which Firewall Analyzer will try to resolve the IP Address. If DNS Resolution is in progress for any other Firewall Analyzer user, then the subsequent user will see the message "Please wait, DNS Resolution in progress for another user" when clicking ResolveDNS link. Once the DNS Resolution is complete for the first user, then the DNS Resolution for the subsequent user begins automatically.



Using Calendar

You can use the calendar to select a single date or range of days to view various details of the reports, alerts, and logs of the Firewalls.

There are two icons provided on top left corner of the calendar to select a single day or range of days. Refer the screen shot given below:


Using Calendar

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