EMC Celerra Network Attached Storage Systems

Monitoring EMC Celerra Network Attached Storage Systems

OpStor provides monitoring and management of EMC Celerra  Networked Storage Systems.

All EMC Celerra Storage Arrays are supported.

  • Celerra NX4
  • Celerra NS120

Features Supported

Inventory Details Logical Details Monitors Report Details
  • Control Station
  • Data Mover
  • Virtual Data Mover
  • CIFS
  • File System
  • Disk
  • Storage Pool
  • Volume
  • Environment
  • Checkpoint
  • Control Station Status
  • Data Mover Status
  • Virtual Data Mover Status
  • File System
  • Volume
  • File System
  • Volume

Prerequisites for monitoring EMC Celerra

OpStor uses EMC Celerra Command Line Interface of EMC Celerra Network Attached Storage System

Steps to add OpStor Server IP as a Trap Recipient

  • Login to Celerra Control Station
  • Open the file /nas/site/trap.cfg and add the following line

snmpmanager <IP_ADDRESS>; communityname public

where <IP_ADDRESS> is the IP Address of the Server in which OpStor is running.

Steps to verify whether OpStor Server is configured properly to listen for EMC Celerra SNMP Traps.

  • Execute the below command to send a test SNMP Trap

/nas/sbin/nas_snmptrap /nas/site/trap.cfg -m /nas/sys/emccelerra.mib -r 1 -f 64  -i 5 -s 6 -d "test SNMP traps"

  • Now you can see the generated SNMP Trap in OpStor webclient.

For further information refer EMC Celerra SNMP Configuration Guide 

Steps to add EMC Celerra in OpStor

  • In the OpStor client go to Admin Tab --> 'Discovery' Tab
  • Provide Control Station's IP Address of EMC Celerra Array.
  • Choose the Device Type as 'RAID'
  • Choose the Vendor as 'EMC'
  • Choose the Model as 'Celerra'
  • Change the Timeout if needed.
  • Click on Add Device

Note : If the Ping facility is disabled for the device, then please uncheck 'Ping the given IP' field.
Note : In case of non discovery of the device, please follow the troubleshooting tips displayed in the webclient and try re-adding the device. 

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