Multi-Vendor Storage Management

Monitoring EMC Centera Storage System using OpStor

OpStor provides monitoring and management of EMC Centera Storage Systems

Features supported
Inventory Details Logical Details Monitors Report Details
  • Centera Clusters
  • Centera Nodes (Access & storage)
  • Centera Internal Switches
  • CenteraClusterPools
  • CenteraProfiles
  • Centera HeartBeat
  • Cluster status
  • Node status
  • Free space of Clusters / Nodes
  • Availability reports for Cluster
Prerequisites for Monitoring EMC Centera
  • OpStor uses CLI interface to monitor EMC Centera
  • Ensure that Centera CLI software is installed in the server in which OpStor is installed (default location is C:\Program Files\EMC\Centera\4_1).
  • Copy the following jars to <Opstor Install Dir\classes> directory .
    • C:\Program Files\EMC\Centera\4_1\SystemOperator\lib\CenteraViewer.jar
    • C:\Program Files\EMC\Centera\4_1\SystemOperator\lib\FieldExt.jar
  • Ensure that OpStor is restarted (shutdown & started) after copying those jar files.
Steps to add the EMC Centera in OpStor
  • Navigate to Admin Tab --> Manage Storage Devices link in OpStor client
  • Provide IP Address of Centera array
  • Choose the Device Type as 'RAID'
  • Choose the Vendor as 'EMC'
  • Choose the Model as 'Centera'
  • Provide the administrator Username and Password
  • If needed, change the Timeout value (default is 5 seconds)
  • Click on Add Device

Note : If the Ping facility is disabled for the device, then please uncheck 'Ping the given IP' field.
Note : In case of non discovery of the device, please follow the troubleshooting tips displayed in the webclient and try re-adding the device. 


Prerequisites for Monitoring EMC Centera SNMP Traps
  • Steps to add OpStor Server IP as a Trap Recipient. 
    • Connect to Centera CLI (Default Location is C:\Program Files\EMC\Centera\4_1\GlobalServices\bin).
    • Execute Centera CLI.exe and type  set snmp <host_name:port >, where host_name is the server in which OpStor is installed.
  • Steps to verify whether OpStor Server is configured properly to listen for EMC Centera Traps.
    • show snmp

                      Sample Output

                      SNMP Enabled               :Enabled

                      Management Station     :<host_name>:162

                      Community Name          :public

                      Heartbeat Trap Interval:1 minute