EMC VNX (Block) Storage Systems

Monitoring EMC VNX (Block) Storage Systems

OpStor provides monitoring and management of EMC VNX (Block) RAID Storage Systems

All EMC VNX Block Storage Arrays are supported.

  • VNX Series
    • VNX5100
    • VNX5300
    • VNX5500
    • VNX5700
    • VNX7500

Features supported

Inventory DetailsLogical DetailsMonitorsReport Details
  • Storage Processors
  • SP Ports
  • Disk Drives
  • LUNs
  • Raid Groups
  • Host-Port Mappings
  • Storage Groups
  • Disk Array Enclosures
  • Storage Processor Enclosures
  • SP Status
  • SP Port status
  • Disk Drive status
  • LUN status
  • Raid Group status
  • Disk Array Enclosure Status
  • Storage Processor Enclosure Status
  • Capacity Summary
  • Availability for SP / SP Ports
  • SP statistics
  • LUN statistics
  • Disk statistics
  • Interconnect details

Prerequisites for monitoring EMC VNX(Block)

emc raid

OpStor uses command line utility (NaviCLI.exe/NaviSecCLI.exe) available as part of NaviSphere suite of EMC VNX(Block)

  • NaviCLI/NaviSecCLI should be installed in the server in which OpStor is installed.
  • Include the directory containing NaviCLI.exe/NaviSecCLI.exe in the PATH system environment variable. (This is normally C:\Program Files\EMC\Navisphere CLI\ ) by going into My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Environmental Variables
  • Ensure that OpStor is restarted (shutdown & started) after including NaviCLI/NaviSecCLI in the path. This is required for the latest path changes to take effect for OpStor
  • Now open a command prompt to execute the navicli command to check for the proper response from EMC VNX(Block)
    • Command : navicli -h <array name> getall (for systems with NaviCLI installed)
    • Command : naviseccli -h <array name> -scope 0 -user <storage system username> -password <storage system password> getall (for systems with NaviSecCLI installed)
    • Command: naviseccli -h <array name> -scope 0 -user <storage system username> -password <storage system password> storagepool -list (for systems with NaviSecCLI installed)
    • Command: naviseccli -h <array name> -scope 0 -user <storage system username> -password <storage system password> lun -list (for systems with NaviSecCLI installed)
  • Ensure that, OpStor Installed machine is reachable from the Storage system

Steps to add EMC VNX(BLock) in OpStor

  • In the OpStor client go to Admin Tab --> 'Discovery' Tab
  • Provide IP Address of EMC VNX Storage Processor
  • Choose the Device Type as 'RAID'
  • Choose the Vendor as 'EMC'
  • Choose the Model as 'VNX-BLOCK'
  • Provide the NaviSecCLI Username and Password
  • Change the Timeout if needed
  • Click on Add Device
  • Repeat the above procedure to add the second array IP in case of dual Storage Processors

Note : If the Ping facility is disabled for the device, then please uncheck 'Ping the given IP' field.
Note : In case of non discovery of the device, please follow the troubleshooting tips displayed in the webclient and try re-adding the device. 

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