Monitoring HP 3PAR

Monitoring HP 3PAR

OpStor provides detailed availability, inventory, performance, and capacity utilization report for this 3PAR StoreServ 7450 storage array. With LUN to VM mapping, gain a comprehensive overview of your HP 3PAR storage array from a single console.

  • Array Stats
  • Capacity Forecasting
  • LUN to VM Mapping
  • Availability
  • Device Heath

Monitor every array stat with OpStor

Latency reports give you a consistent picture of your array's performance. Monitor array statistics like Latency,IOPS,Reads and Writes for your HP 3PAR storage arrays. You can even compare stats of two devices like IOPS or latency which will help you make better decisions while upgrading.

HP 3PAR array stats

Capacity Summary and Forecasting Reports

Monitor storage capacity and utilization with capacity summary reports. It gives you the configured, used and free space info for your 3PAR array. You can also forecast the storage demand for the future using OpStor. This helps you to plan and justify your storage spending.

HP 3PAR capacity utilisation

HP 3PAR capacity forecast

LUN to VM Mapping

Debug performance degradation problems in you 3PAR arrays with ease now. OpStor maps your LUNs to their corresponding VMs. This helps you in identifying which VMs are directly affected if a particular storage sector goes bad.


Availability Reports

Visibility into your entire storage environment is now possible. The availability reports will give you the status of your HP 3PAR storage arrays with MTTR and MTBF stats. The color coded interconnections will help you identify array availability issues in no time.

HP 3PAR Availability reports

Monitor Device Health

Apart from performance reports, get important info about the fan, power supply and battery status. This helps in continuous monitoring of your HP 3PAR's health too.

HP 3PAR device health

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