McData Sphereon series switches

Monitoring McData Sphereon series switches and directors

OpStor provides monitoring and management of McData Sphereon switches

Models Supported

  • Sphereon 4700 Fabric Switch
  • Sphereon 4500 Fabric Switch
  • Sphereon 3216 Fabric Switch
  • Sphereon 3232 Fabric Switch
  • ES-3016 switch
  • ES-3032 switch
  • ES-1000 switch
  • Intrepid 6064 Director
  • Intrepid 6140 Director
  • ED-6064 director
  • ED-5000 director

Features supported

Inventory Details Logical Details Monitors Report Details
  • Fabric Switch
  • Fabric switch ports
  • Errors
  • Rx Traffic
  • Rx Throughput
  • Tx Traffic
  • TxThroughput
  • Total Throughput
  • Fabric Switch Status
  • Switch Port status
  • Availability
  • Switch Summary
  • Switch Zoning
  • Switch Port statistics
  • Interconnect details
  • Real Time graphs

Prerequisites for monitoring McData Switches / Directors

  • Ensure SNMP agent is running in the McData switch / director.
  • McData Switch SNMP information can be checked in the McData Switch's Web-based interface -> Configure (option) -> SNMP (option)
  • By default, OpStor uses snmp port 161 and read community 'public' for discovery
  • If your settings are different , please provide the same details while adding switch in OpStor
  • Register OpStor server IP address as trap destination

Note: For more details refer Configure SNMP section in the McData Switch Product Manager user manual.

Steps to add McData Fabric Switch in OpStor

  • Navigate to Admin Tab --> Manage Storage Devices link in OpStor client
  • Provide IP Address of McData Switch / Director
  • Choose Device Type as 'FCSwitch'
  • Choose Vendor as 'SNIA FCMGMT'
  • Provide SNMP Port and Community string (default is 161 and public)
  • If needed, change the Timeout value (default is 5 seconds)
  • Click on Add Device

Note : If the Ping option is disabled for the device, then please uncheck 'Ping the given IP' field.
Note : In case of non discovery of the device, please follow the troubleshooting tips displayed in the webclient and try re-adding the device.

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