SUN StorageTek StreamLine Tapelibraries

Monitoring and Management of SUN StorageTek StreamLine Tapelibraries in OpStor

OpStor provides monitoring and management of SUN StorageTek StreamLine Tapelibraries

Models Supported

  • SL 8500
  • SL 3000
  • SL 500
  • SL 48
  • SL 28

Features supported

Inventory Details Logical Details Monitors Report Details
  • TapeLibrary
  • Library Controller
  • Tape Drives
  • Catridge details
  • Power Supply
  • Fan
  • Robot
  • CAP
  • PTP
  • Elevator
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Library Modules
  • TapeLibrary status
  • Controller status
  • Tape Drive status
  • Cartridge status
  • Power supply status
  • Fan status
  • Robotic hand status
  • CAP status
  • LSM status
  • Elevator status
  • TapeLibrary Summary
  • Availability.

Prerequisites for monitoring SUN StorageTek StreamLine Tape Library

  • Ensure that the SNMP agent is running.
  • Register OpStor server IP address as trap destination

Steps to add StorageTek StreamLine Tapelibrary in OpStor

  • Navigate to Admin Tab --> Manage Storage Devices link in OpStor client
  • Provide IP Address of StreamLine TapeLibrary
  • Choose Device Type as 'Tape Library'
  • Choose Vendor as 'SUN'
  • Provide SNMP Port and Community string (default is 161 and public)
  • If needed, change the Timeout value (default value is 5 seconds)
  • Click on Add Device

Note : If the Ping option is disabled for the device, then please uncheck 'Ping the given IP' field.
Note : In case of non discovery of the device, please follow the troubleshooting tips displayed in the webclient and try re-adding the device.

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