In search for a SolarWinds IPAM alternative?

A comprehensive IP Address Management and Switch Port Mapping solution

Managing switch ports and IP addresses have never been so easy!

OpUtils is an IP address and switch port management software that helps IT admins to monitor and mange IP resources effectively. With more than 30 built in network tools, OpUtils enables network monitoring features like, whitelisting trusted devices with the rogue detection tool, avoiding bandwidth exploitation by keeping a check on bandwidth usage, monitoring availability of critical devices, backing up Cisco configuration files , DHCP monitoring, and more.

It automates mundane IP management tasks with schedulers, and enables you to proactively monitor your network resources with threshold based alerts that are triggered to escalate any emerging network issues. OpUtils also offers a supplementary mobile app that helps you monitor your IP infrastructure on the go!

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Licensing - ManageEngine OpUtils vs SolarWinds IPAM

SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) 3.0 is available now with pricing starting at $1,995 (USD) with the first year of maintenance included. Which is much costlier than ManageEngine OpUtils which starts at $345(USD) with the base version, that can manage up to 250 switch ports in Switch Port mapper and 250 IP Addresses in the IP Address Manager tools.

Feature comparison between OpUtils and SolarWinds IPAM

Solarwinds IPAM
Support for Linux OS platform
Yes, IP Address Manager works on both windows and Linux.
Not supported by SolarWinds IP Address Manager Tool
Switch port mapping
Yes, OpUtils provides visibility into end-to-end device connectivity with real-time switch port mapping. With Scheduler it automates periodic mapping of switches. It enables locating switch port info by searching using MAC/IP/DNS data.
Yes, but comes with limited capabilities. Integration with Orion SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT) adds switch ports columns to your IP Address view
Rogue detection
Yes, OpUtils' Rogue Detection enables you to instantly detect rogue agents entering your network and label them as trusted (whitelisted devices), guests (given temporary access), or rogue (blacklist / blocked devices).
Not available in stand alone SolarWinds IPAM. Requires Integration with a separate product, User Device Tracker (UDT).
Built in network tool set
More than 30 networks tools including Ping tools, CISCO tools, MIB browser, System Explorer, Wake on LAN, and more.
Not available in SolarWinds IPAM standalone version.
Supplementary mobile app
OpUtils provides a supplementary iOS and Android mobile app that enables network monitoring on the go. With instant alerts and popular tools like ping, this mobile app aids in effective network diagnosis and troubleshooting.
Not available