Features and Benefits

OpUtils allows the network and system engineers monitor their network and all connected IP nodes. Network monitoring becomes very simple with the handy tools available in the OpUtils package.


  • Web-based software enables access from anywhere.
  • Support for multi-user environment.
  • Reports in HTML, PDF, and XLS formats.
  • Availability of powerful diagnostic tools such as Ping, SNMP Ping, Trace Route, SNMP Ping, Proxy Ping and Ping scan.
  • Easy-to-use address monitoring tools such as DNS resolver, DNS scan, MAC address resolver, MAC address scan, DHCP Scope Monitor, Rogue Detection, and IP Address Manager.
  • Intelligent Network monitoring tools such as Wake-On-LAN, Bandwidth Monitor, Network Monitor, Network Scan, Switch Port Mapper, Performance Monitor, IP Network Browser, System Details Update, System Explorer, TCP Connection Reset, and Port Scanner.
  • Cisco-specific tools such as Config File Manager, Device Scan, TFTP Server, and Device Explorer.
  • SNMP Tools such as SNMP walker, SNMP graph, MIB Browser, SNMP Table, MIB Viewer, Trap receiver, and SNMP Community Checker.
  • Provides network reports such as Inventory, SNMP Devices, Rouge Systems, Available IPs, MAC Address Report, etc.


  • Competitive pricing - starts @ $345
  • Out-of-the-box tools for real-time needs.
  • Quick and Easy installation, Ready for use.
  • Web-based, Easy to use, and Intuitive : no training necessary.