Custom SNMP Dashboard

While OpUtils provides a set of widely used tools to monitor the network, it also lets the administrators to create their own tools to suit their need. It allows creation of custom SNMP tools to monitor their SNMP devices. The Custom tool provides both the graphical and tabular views of the monitored MIB nodes. The tool thus created can be used to monitor any of the network deivces; no need to create separate tools for individual devices.

Custom SNMP Graph Tool

Custom SNMP Graph Tool

It enables monitoring any MIB nodes (of counter & integer data types) continuously and view the graphical representation of the monitored MIB node. All the related MIB nodes can be grouped to form a single multi-line graph for effective comparison. It also allows creation of multiple groups in a single tool.

Custom SNMP Tabular Tool

It enables real-time monitoring of any MIB node. The administrator can add all the required MIB nodes to this tool. This can then be used to view the current values of these nodes in any of the SNMP devices in the network

For more details, refer to the Custom SNMP Tools topic in the online help.