Adding Subnets 

    Adding Subnets for Scanning

    Adding Subnets Manually

    1. Click on Inventory -> Subnets

    2. click on Add Subnet icon. When you add a router from Settings -> OpUtils -> Mac-to-IP Mapping-> Add Device/Router, the subnets discovered in the routers will automatically be added to the IP Address Manager tool. You need to review these subnets and approve before it gets scanned.

    3. Add Manually tab is selected by default. Select the Group under which the subnet has to be added

    4. Enter the Subnet or IP address of any network as input in the Subnet/IP Address field.

    5. Select the Subnet Mask from the combo box.

    6. Select the Scanning options:

      1. To check the IP Availability using ICMP.

      2. To get the device details using SNMP.

      3. To resolve the DNS name of the IP.

      4. To get the device type and hardware details of Windows machines using WMI.

    7. Click Add. The subnet gets added to the table below and are automatically scanned.

    Importing Subnets from a CSV File

    1. Click on Inventory -> Subnets

    2. Click the Add Subnets Icon

    3. Select the Import From CSV tab.

    4. Browse to select the CSV file.

      1. The CSV file should contain the following fields: Subnet Address, Subnet Mask,Scan Options,Subnet Name, Location, Description and VLAN Name in the same order.

      2. Tree Hierarchy, Subnet Address and Subnet Mask are mandatory fields and all the other fields are optional. If you are not specifying any column between, simply add a comma.

      3. Scan options are denoted by numbers: 0 represents the option is disabled and 1 represents that the option is enabled. The order of the scanning options is ICMP Ping, SNMP Ping, Resolving DNS, and Retrieving details using WMI. To enable all the options you should specify it as 1111 or 0000 to disable all the options.

        Sample CSV File

        Tree Hierarchy, Subnet Address, Subnet Mask , Scan Options,Subnet Name, Location, Description , VLAN Name Zoho Corporation\US Office\Pleasanton\Ground Floor,,,1111,Project Team,Ground Floor,This Subnet for project Team,VLAN_1 Zoho Corporation\US Office\Pleasanton\First Floor,,,0000,,First Floor,This Subnet for testing Team,VLAN_2 Zoho Corporation\US Office\Pleasanton\Ground Floor,,,1000,Admin Team,Scond Floor,This Subnet for Admin Team,VLAN_3 Zoho Corporation\India Office\Chennai\Building 1\Ground Floor,,,1100,,,,VLAN_4 Zoho Corporation\India Office\Chennai\Building 1\First Floor,,,1110,,First Floor-CIV,,VLAN_5 Zoho Corporation\India Office\Chennai\Building 2\Ground Floor,,,1111,,,This Subnet for Marketing Team Zoho Corporation\India Office\Chennai\Building 2\Ground Floor,, Zoho Corporation\India Office\Chennai\Building 2\FirstFloor,,,1111 Zoho Corporation\India Office\Chennai\Building 1\Second Floor,,,1111,US_Subnet
    5. If you wish to scan the imported subnets, select the "Scan the imported subnets based on the specified scan options" option.
    6. Click Import CSV.
    7. The subnets specified in the CSV file gets added to the IP Address Manager tool.

    Schedule Subnet Scanning

    Click the Scheduler link to enable scanning of subnets periodically:

    1. Click the Settings -> OpUtils - >IPAM - >Scheduler

    2. Click on the Task

    3. Change the Status to Enabled

    4. Specify the interval to perform the scan:

      1. Daily - to update everyday. You need to specify the starting time.

      2. Weekly - to update on specific day(s) in a week. You need to specify the starting time and the day(s) on which the update should happen.

      3. Monthly - to update on a specific day every month(s). You need to specify starting time, select a day and select a month/months.

      4. Once Only - to run the tool only once at the scheduled time.

    5. Click Schedule to save the changes.