Address Monitoring Tools


The Address Monitoring Utilities is a suite of tools for day-to-day monitoring and management of IP Addresses, DNS Names, and MAC Addresses.


The following are the tools available in this group


DNS Resolver : A general-purpose data query tool chiefly used for translating Host Name into IP Address and vice versa.  It also shows details like the default netmask, network type, and the status for the forward and reverse lookups.

DNS Scan :Utility to scan a range of IP addresses for translating the IP Address into Domain Name. It also shows the response time. In cases where an IP is not used in the network, the tool prompts thatthe system does not exist in the network.

MAC Address Resolver :Utility to resolve MAC Address from Host Name or IP Address and vice versa. This tool also discovers the physical address of a device and maps it with the corresponding IP address. In addition to showing the MAC address, the tool also shows the SNMP availability, IP address, DNS name, port number, community, system type, and system description

MAC Address Scan
:Utility to lookup MAC addresses for a range of IP's. The tool also displays the IP address, port number, community, MAC address, DNS name, system name, and system type

DHCP Scope Monitor : Utility to find the used and available IP addresses in the scopes of the DHCP Server

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