dns scan tool DNS Scan Tool                                               


DNS Scan utility of OpUtils software scans a range of IP addresses to check the forward and reverse lookup actions.

To check Forward and Reverse Lookup for a specified range of IP addresses

  1. Click the Tools tab

  2. Choose DNS Scan available under the Address Monitoring category.  

  3. The input to the DNS Scan tool can be any or combination of the following:

    1. Add IP Range: Enter the Starting IP and Ending IP in the text field provided and click Add. The specified range gets added to the table below.

    2. Add IP List: Enter the IP Addresses as comma separated values and click Add. You can also specify a range like,192.168.21-20. The specified IP Addresses gets added to the table below.

    3. Import CSV: Browse to select a file containing comma separated IP Addresses and click Add. The IP Addresses gets added to the table below.

  4. To configure ICMP properties click Settings located in the top right corner or click Admin -> Settings. For details read the Configuring ICMP section.

  5. Click Scan.

  6. To delete an IP Address from the table. select and click Delete.

  7. Check the results. The IP Address, IP -> DNS, DNS -> IP, the Forward Lookup and Reverse Lookup status, the Lookup Time and the current ping Status of the IP are displayed. The icons displaying the current ping status of the IP's are as follows:


System exists in the network                   System does not exist in the



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