Authenticating Users via Active Directory

    OpUtils Web Console is the management interface for various activities like IP Address Management, Switch Port Mapping, etc. It stores more sensitive information like SNMP Write Community of the switches and routers, which you cannot afford to get hacked. Though the information is stored in encrypted format, you cannot afford to take a chance. While it is possible to create users with read-only and read-write privileges in OpUtils, it does not have a stringent password policy and could help you minimize the chance of hackers getting into the system.

    If you have an Active Directory based Windows Domain setup, you can make use of the Active Directory's password policy work for you. You can set stringent password policy for your domain users and make them login to Oputils using their domain username and password.

    To authenticate Oputils users via Active Directory,

    1. You should add all your domains in OpUtils. The added domains automatically gets listed in the login screen.

    2. To add your domain in OpUtils. Click on Settings -> OpUtils -> Active Directory -> Add AD Domain. 

    3. Also Add users in Oputils using their domain user name.

    Now, they can use their domain username and password to login to OpUtils by selecting their domain.