cisco interfaces tool Interfaces Tool


Interfaces utility of OpUtils software provides the list of interfaces, and its details for a Cisco device.

To retrieve the Interface details

  1. Click the Tools tab.

  2. Choose Device Explorer available under the CISCO Tools category.

  3. Select the Interfaces from the tree.

  4. Enter the Device Name or its IP Address.
    : Ensure the device specified is a CISCO device.

  5. Enter the SNMP Community String.

  6. To configure SNMP properties click Settings located at the top right corner or click Admin -> Settings. For details read the Configuring SNMP section.

  7. Click the Show button.

  8. Check the results. The following details about the Cisco device are displayed in a the table. 

  1. To view the Interface details click the Interface name in the table. For each of the Interfaces the Performance, and the Error details are displayed in a table.

  1. To monitor input and output utilization of the interface click the icon   located at the right corner. Check the input and output utilization in graph. The refresh time can be set by choosing the time in seconds from the Refresh Every combo box. To traverse back to the Interface page click the Back to Interfaces  link. 

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Error Messages : E1001: Unknown Host, E1002: Unreachable Host, E2001: No Response to SNMP Queries, E4005: Not a CISCO Device


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