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The IP Routes utility of OpUtils software is used to view the static and dynamic routes of a Cisco Router. If CDP is enabled the tool also provides details of the neighboring Cisco devices. The tool provides the IP routing details of the Cisco router. It shows the interface name, IP Address of the next hop, destination IP Address, type, protocol, and age.

To view the routes of a Router

  1. Click the Tools tab.

  2. Choose Device Explorer available under the CISCO Tools category.

  3. Select the IP Routes from the tree.

  4. Enter the Router's Name or its IP Address.
    : Ensure the Router specified is a CISCO Router.

  5. Enter the SNMP Community String of the Router.

  6. To configure SNMP properties click Settings located at the top right corner or click Admin -> Settings. For details read the Configuring SNMP section.

  7. Click the Show button.

  8. Check the results. The results include the Destination IP Address; number of Interfaces; Next Hop details; the Type of connection (Remote/Direct) between the router and the destination; the Protocol; and the Age ( i.e., the time in seconds taken between hops).

Note: All CDP-enabled neighbours of the specified router are automatically discovered along with the IP, the series number, and the CDP interfaces.


See Also

Error Messages : E1001: Unknown Host, E1002: Unreachable Host, E2001: No Response to SNMP Queries, E4001: Not a CISCO Router



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