Configuring Syslog Server

    OpUtils allows you to directly log all the Alerts to your Syslog Server. This will help you to track and monitor all your network related alerts from a central point. This is an optional setting and you can also choose the alerts that have to be logged to your Syslog Server. For example, you can choose to log all the alerts from IP Address Manager tool and not the alerts from Rogue Detection or Switch Port Mapper tools.

    To enable this feature, you should configure the Syslog Settings in OpUtils: 

    To Configuring Syslog Settings:

    • Click on Settings -> OpUtils -> Syslog
    Field Purpose

    Server IP

    Refers to the IP Address of your Syslog Server

      Listening Port  

    The Port at which the Server listens for receiving data. The default value is 514

    Protocol Type

    Choose the protocol for sending the alert data as UDP or TCP


    Choose the Syslog Facility.


       Specify the severity level of the alert. All alerts logged from OpUtils will be tagged with the chosen severity.   

    Click Save to save the values.