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Proxy Ping utility of OpUtils software is used to ping a target device using a Cisco router. The router acts as the proxy for the target device and responds to the ping request.

To check the connectivity status of a remote IP Address/Host from a Router

  1. Click the Tools tab.

  2. Choose Proxy Ping available under the Diagnostic Tools category.

  3. Enter the Proxy Router Name/IP Address from where the Ping has to be initiated.

  4. Enter the Router's Write Community String.

  5. To configure SNMP properties for the router, click Settings located at the top right corner or click Admin ->Settings. For details read the Configuring SNMP section.

  6. Enter the IP Address /Host Name of the device to be contacted or select the IP Address/Host Name from the available list.

  7. To change the Proxy Ping default settings click the Settings button, and specify values for the following:

  1.  Click the Ping button.

  2. Check the results. For devices that are not reachable, the target device is displayed in red. For targets that are reachable the Target device is shown in green.

  3. The Round Trip Time, Sent Packets, and Received Packets along with the Packet Loss Percentage are also displayed in the table.

Note: The Ping test will work only from SNMP-enabled CISCO routers.


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Error Messages : E1001: Unknown Host, E1002: Unreachable Host, E2003: Unable to perform SNMP Set, E2001 No Response to SNMP Queries,  E4001: Not a CISCO Router, E3001 Operation timed out


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