IP Address Manager Tool 

    IP Address Manager helps you to keep track of all your IP Addresses. It allows you to define a group to add all your subnets based on their usage/location and then scan them to get the current status of each of the IP Addresses.

    Some of the highlights of the IP Address Manager include:


    Scheduled Scanning of Subnets

    While it is possible to initiate scanning of subnets manually to determine their state, you can also schedule scanning of subnets periodically. OpUtils Advanced IP Scanner allows you to get the current state of an IP address at any given time. 

    Reserve an IP Address

    There might be situations where you need to reserve an IP for future usage. You can mark an IP as "Reserved" to prevent other from allocating the IP. You can also reserve multiple IP Addresses at once. You also get to see the list of reserved IP Addresses from the reports.

    IP History

    When it comes to auditing, administrators might require to track the user for whom a particular IP was allocated on a given date. The IP history feature let them to easily identify the user of an IP on any particular day.

    Integrates with Active Directory

    In Windows based network, OpUtils directly integrates with the Active Directory to determine whether the IP belongs to a Active Directory Computer Object or not.

    IP Address Usage Reports

    IP Address Manager provides out-of-the-box reports to get the details of unused /reserved IP Addresses and the IP usage statistics of the network.

    Alerts to Notify Events

    IP Address Manager provides various alerts to notify the important events like change in state of an IP, DNS Lookup failures etc. This is extremely useful for the administrators to fix the problems immediately.

    Custom Columns

    The custom columns play an important role in situations where you need to have some specific information to be stored for an IP. The IP Address Manager allows you to add any number of custom columns to add user-defined data. You can also import the data to these custom fields.

    To know more about this feature, visit our IP Address Management feature page.