ip network browser IP Network Browser Tool

IP Network Browser utility of OpUtils software is similar to the IP Node Browser but works with multiple nodes. The tool fetches comprehensive information of any node like its system details, interface details, TCP/IP network details, routes details, protocol statistics, and system information.

To scan IP details

  1. Click the Tools Home tab

  2. Choose IP Network Browser available under the Network Monitoring category.

  3. You can either scan a range of IP Addresses or a single Network Address. Select the required option.

  4. Based on the option selected, specify a IP range or a single Network Address in the text field provided.

  5. Click the Scan button.

  6. To configure SNMP properties click Settings located at the top right corner or click Admin -> Settings. For details read the Configuring SNMP section.

  7. All the SNMP Nodes available in the specified IP range are displayed. Select any five nodes to scan and click the Show Details button.

  8. The details displayed include the System Details; Interfaces (i.e., the number of Network Interface cards including details of the Loopback Card); TCP/IP Network details; Routes; Protocol Statistics for IP, UDP, ICMP and, TCP; and System Information.


    1. The host specified must be SNMP enabled, and the SNMP agent should have implemented HOST-RESOURCES-MIB.

    2. The tool can display details of only five nodes at a time.

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