ManageEngine OpUtils relies heavily on ICMP and  SNMP and CLI protocols for data retrieval, and SMTP for e -mailing reports generated by the tools. The MAC-IP data of the devices in Windows network are retrieved through WMI. As most of the tools use SNMP, ICMP and SMTP, the settings for all the tools are captured in one place for a hassle free protocol configuring experience. In addition to the above function, the polling interval and the number of plots in graphs can also be configured.  

To set ICMP, SNMP, CLI, SMTP, WMI, Linux, Syslog and Graph values for all the tools

  1. Click the tab Admin -> Settings from the left panel

  2. Click the ICMP, SNMP, SMTP, WMI, Linux, Syslog, Graphs, and General tabs to enter values.

For details read the sections

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