Configuring General Settings

Configuring Encoding


Why should character coding/encoding values be set ?

The character coding/encoding values should be set to enable the OpUtils user to view valid values from the SNMP Agent in the OpUtils Client. Hence the user should set the character coding/encoding value based on the language version of the SNMP Agent queried by the User.  For example if OpUtils is running in a Chinese machine,the character coding/encoding should be set to GB18030 or GB2312.  Hence, values fetched from the SNMP Agent will be displayed in Chinese for all the tools.

How to set encoding values

Step 1
: Click the General tab.

Step 2 : Choose encoding values from the Character Coding/Encoding list box based on the language where the OpUtils Server runs. The list box holds all the supported coding/encoding values supported in the OpUtils JVM.

Step 3 : Click Save to save the Character Coding/Encoding. If the specified character coding/encoding is present in the server machine, it will be saved or else the default value is set. Also ensure your browser supports the specified character coding.



Ensure the web-browser used for accessing OpUtils client supports the specified character coding/encoding.


Configuring Log Level


OpUtils supports the following log levels:

To configure the log level, select the required log level from the Log Level combo box under the General tab.


Configuring Client Startup


Whenever OpUtils is started, the client is launched in the default browser. If you wish to disable launching the client, clear the "Open the client upon successful server startup" option available under the General tab.


Configuring Web Server Port


OpUtils, by default uses port 7080 to start the web server. If you wish to change the port to a different number and to enable secured communication, follow the steps below:

  1. Click General tab

  2. Change the port number to a desired value.

  3. Select "Enable Secured Communication" to enable HTTPS

  4. Click Save to save the changes.

Note: Change in Web Server Port and mode of communication, requires a restart of Oputils.


Configuring VNC Ports


OpUtils enables connecting to devices through VNC for troubleshooting purposes. By defaylt, it connects to the VNC using port 5800. You can change the VNC Port that OpUtils uses to establish a VNC connection with the devices from here.

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