Adding Routers


The Add Routers screen lets you specify the routers, switches, and gateway servers in your network and schedule scanning. OpUtils, based on the scheduler details, scans the devices to collect the MAC IP data of the network devices. The data collected is used in arriving the reports and in the tools that uses the MAC IP data.

To add your Routers

  1. Click the tab Admin -> Add Router from the left panel. You can also add routers from the Rogue Detection and Switch Port Mapper tools.

  2. Click the Add Router link.

  3. The Add Manually option is selected by default.

  4. Specify the Device Name and its SNMP Community.

  5. Optionally, you can also specify the CLI Settings to get the details through CLI:

    1. Select the Router/ Switch/ Firewall vendor and specify the following:

    2. User Name: While establishing connection with a device, if the device asks for a User Name, set a value for this parameter. This parameter is Optional.

    3. Password: To set the Password for accessing the device.

    4. Prompt: The prompt that appears after successful login. Refer figure below for an illustration.

    5. Enable User Name: When entering into privileged mode, some devices require UserName to be entered. Provide the username if prompted; otherwise leave this field empty.

    6. Enable Password: Password for entering into the privileged mode.

    7. Enable Prompt: The prompt that will appear after going into enable mode.

  6. Click Add Device.

  7. Repeat step 3 for adding all the devices in your network.

  8. The SNMP details of the devices can also be imported from a csv file by selecting the Import form CSV option.

  9. To schedule scanning of routers, click Disabled link available beside the Next Scan and specify the scan interval.

  10. To resolve the DNS names of the devices during every scan, click the Disabled link available beside the Resolve DNS Name and enable  it.

Addling CLI Parameters

Fig: CLI Settings


Note: OpUtils will use the CLI options only to get the MAC-IP data available in the device and will not perform any configurations. Some devices like Firewalls requires that the command be executed in the privileged (enable) mode.


See Also

Error Messages : E1001: Unknown Host, E1002: Unreachable Host, E1004: Not a Router, E2001 No Response to SNMP Queries


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