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Many a times network engineers are aware of the MIB node (OID name) but not sure of the OID and its properties. In such situations MIB Node Viewer utility would be of great use. It accepts the node name or the OID as input and provides the complete information on the MIB node.

To view details of a MIB node

  1. Click the Tools tab.

  2. Choose MIB Viewer available under the SNMP Tools category.

  3. Select the MIB Node Viewer tab.

  4. Enter the MIB Node name or the OID.

  5. Click the Find button.

  6. Check the results. The results include:

  7. If you get an error message as "Unrecognised OID", try adding the MIB containing the OID using the Load MIB link and try again.


See Also  

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