SNMP Tools

It is common to have a heterogeneous network environment. Hence the available tools in the OpUtils tool set might not be sufficient to monitor a wider range of devices. In such a scenario, the OpUtils SNMP tools can be used to monitor such devices. The MIB database has a huge number of both private and standard vendor MIBs. Using the tools such as walker tool and MIB browser tool, one can monitor any device.

SNMP Tools

Why must OpUtils be used for monitoring a heterogeneous network environment?

OpUtils is a switch port and IP address management software that helps network engineers manage their switches and IP address space with ease. Businesses increasingly rely on their networks and resources for basic operations. ManageEngine OpUtils with its suite of 30+ tools, addresses the need of Network Engineers for troubleshooting connectivity issues, and on-demand monitoring of the network.

ManageEngine OpUtils provides the following utilities for performing basic operations.

Tools included in this category of tools are:

  • SNMP Walker - Tool is used to retrieve information for a set of OIDs in a MIB.
  • Trap Receiver - Tool is used to view the configured traps.
  • MIB Browser - Tool is used to load, browse, search and walk through MIBs, and perform certain basic functions.

SNMP Walker

What is SNMP?

Simple Network Management Protocol is an application layer protocol defined by the Internet Architecture Board for exchanging management information between network devices. It is a part of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP⁄IP) protocol suite. It is one of the widely accepted protocols to manage and monitor network elements. Most of the professional-grade network elements come with a bundled agent.

SNMP Walker

The SNMP Walker tool is a utility to retrieve specified number of MIB objects value using GET-NEXT operation. Using SNMP walk tool you can provide any OID value and query a device for the next consecutive OIDs.

Trap Receiver

The Trap receiver tool listens for real-time network traps and displays them. The trap details, such as Trap OID, Source, Received Time, Varbind Descriptions, and so on, are shown. The tool can be configured to send an email alert on receipt of a trap. The trap receiver helps to view the traps received from agents.

It listens to one or more port at a time and the trap can be sent from any host. Using an trap receiver you can monitor network fault, availability, and performance of the devices on your network.

MIB Browser

The SNMP MIB Browser tool is a utility that enables you to load and browse MIBs and perform various operations. With mib browser tool, you can perform all SNMP-related operations such as GET, GET-NEXT, GET-BULK, and SET. The above stated operations along with the SNMP MIB scanner can be performed on the specified agent in the mib browser tool.

MIB Browser


  • Load/unload MIBs and fetch MIB data of SNMP(v1, v2c, v3) agent
  • Perform operations from Windows and Linux devices
  • Parse traps based on pre-defined match criteria
  • View traps from agents and set up alert emails
  • Leverage SNMPv3 security as defined in USM and VACM standards
  • The mib scanner helps to view Table data and get graphical representation in real-time
  • Get the complete list of OIDs implemented on your device

For more details on each of the tools, refer to the SNMP Tools section of the online help.