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What is SNMP?

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is an application layer-protocol for communication between network devices. SNMP allows various network devices such as routers, switches, gateways and more to communicate with each other, irrespective of the hardware or software type. As an IT administrator, this can be very useful for you to efficiently monitor and manage your network.

Building blocks of SNMP architecture includes,

SNMP Network Managers: As a part of the Network Monitoring Software (NMS), the SNMP managers are responsible for the communication between SNMP agents.

Managed Components: These are SNMP enabled devices in your network which includes devices like switches, routers, servers, etc.

SNMP Agents: These are installed within the managed devices. They act as the gateway between the device and the SNMP Managers. They communicate with the external SNMP managers or agents to relay the status of local device.

SNMP MIB Database: The Management Information Database (MIB) within the managed components determine the communication between SNMP Manager and SNMP agents. MIB’s are hierarchical databases that defines the parameters for managed devices.

SNMP Tools - ManageEngine OpUtils

What are SNMP tools?

With the ever-growing scale of organizational networks, it is common to have a heterogeneous network environment. SNMP tools such as SNMP Walker tool and SNMP Browser tool, helps you to monitor any type of SNMP enabled device. The MIB database has a huge number of both private and standard vendor MIBs. In such a scenario, the OpUtils SNMP tools can be used to monitor such devices.

OpUtils SNMP tools for heterogeneous network monitoring

SNMP MIB Module Viewer tool, SNMP MIB Node Viewer tool, SNMP Community Checker, are few of the SNMP tools OpUtils has to offer. OpUtils built-in SNMP tools allows you to proactively monitor your network’s SNMP devices and MIB’s. Collate crucial information from various network devices with built in support for a wide range of MIB information modules using OpUtils.

Tools included in OpUtils arsenal of SNMP Tools:

  • MIB Browser - SNMP MIB Browser Tool is used to load, browse, search and walk through MIBs, and perform certain basic functions.
  • SNMP Graph - SNMP Tool to periodically query the given SNMP device for the specified OID value and plot the results in a graph.
  • MIB Node Viewer - SNMP Tool to provide the details of a particular MIB node and / or the complete details of the selected MIB.
  • MIB Module Viewer - SNMP Utility to provide a snapshot of a given MIB.
  • Community Checker - SNMP Utility to detect the read and write community strings of the devices in the network.

Enhanced SNMP monitor

Monitor networks, servers, switches, firewalls and printers in-depth using OpManager, a powerful, SNMP-based network monitoring solution by ManageEngine.

Key aspects include,

  • Monitor a wide range of SNMP supported devices for health and performance.
  • Create custom SNMP monitors to meet your custom monitoring requirements.
  • Process SNMP traps and monitor them for faults.
  • Set thresholds to get proactively alerted on faults via email and SMS.
  • Maintain historical data to generate reports and analyze network performance.

MIB Browser

The SNMP MIB Browser tool is a network utility that enables you to load and browse MIBs and perform various operations. With MIB browser tool, you can perform all SNMP-related operations such as GET, GET-NEXT, GET-BULK, and SET. The above stated operations along with the SNMP MIB scanner can be performed on the specified agent in the MIB browser tool.

SNMP MIB Browser Tool - ManageEngine OpUtils


  • Load/unload MIBs and fetch MIB data of SNMP(v1, v2c, v3) agent
  • Perform SNMP operations from Windows and Linux devices
  • Parse SNMP traps based on pre-defined match criteria
  • View SNMP traps from agents and set up alert emails
  • Leverage SNMPv3 security as defined in USM and VACM standards
  • The mib scanner helps to view Table data and get graphical representation in real-time
  • Get the complete list of OIDs implemented on your device

For more details on each of the tools, refer to the SNMP Tools section of the online help.

SNMP Graph

SNMP Graph utility of OpUtils software is used to gather real time data and draws a graph for any SNMP IP node. It also provides the MIB node information like OID, syntax, description and MIB node properties. The SNMP data to be polled should be of integer or unsigned integer data type (Counter, Gauge, or Time ticks).

SNMP Graphing Tool - ManageEngine OpUtils

MIB Node Viewer

Many a times network engineers are aware of the MIB node but not sure of the OID and its properties. In such situations MIB Node Viewer utility would be of great use. It accepts the node name or the OID as input and provides the complete information on the MIB node.

SNMP Viewer Tool - ManageEngine OpUtils

MIB Module Viewer

The MIB Module Viewer provides a snapshot of a given MIB. It provides some general information on the MIB and also provides the defined attributes, total number of nodes, defined TCs, and the defined traps. It also provides the SMIv2 specific details.

 SNMP Walker Tool - ManageEngine OpUtils

Community Checker

The Community Checker utility of the OpUtils software scans the range of IP Addresses to get their SNMP read and write community strings based on the pre-defined set of default and standard community strings of the switches, routers, etc.

SNMP Community Checker - ManageEngine OpUtils

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