SNMP Tools

ManageEngine OpUtils provides the following utilities for performing basic SNMP operations.

MIB Viewer : Utility to view the details of a MIB node. It accepts the node name or the OID as input and provides the complete information on the MIB node including MIB name, parent node name, OID, OID type, status, syntax, access, definition, and the next node. It also provides some general information about the MIB and also provides the defined attributes, total number of nodes, defined TCs, and the defined traps.

SNMP Graph : Utility to periodically query the given SNMP device for the specified OID value and plot the results in a graph. It also provides the MIB node information like OID, syntax, description and MIB node properties.


Trap Receiver : Utility to receive and view SNMP traps on a specified port in a manager station.


SNMP Walker: Utility to view the data available through an SNMP agent in an IP node/device.


SNMP Table: Utility to retrieve the data from the specified Table OID from a IP node/device


MIB Browser : Utility to browse MIBs and perform various SNMP operations such as GET, GET-NEXT, GET-BULK, and SET on the specified agent.


Community Checker : Utility to detect the read and write community strings of the devices in the network.



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