snmp walker SNMP Walker Tool


SNMP Walker is a utility where you can provide any OID value and query a device for the next consecutive OIDs.

To view Data from SNMP Agent

  1. Click the Tools tab.

  2. Choose SNMP Walker available under the SNMP Tools category.

  3. Enter the IP Address or the Host Name of the device and the SNMP community.

  4. Select the SNMP version: V1. V2c. Read the SNMP Overview section for more details

  5. Enter the OID from which to start the walk.

  6. Select the number of values to be retrieved.

  7. To configure SNMP properties click Settings located at the top right corner or click Admin -> Settings. For details read the Configuring SNMP section.

  8. Click the Walk button.

  9. Check the results. For all the values retrieved, the following information is displayed in a table:

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Error Messages : E1001: Unknown Host, E1002: Unreachable Host, E2001: No Response to SNMP Queries, E5002 : Invalid OID.


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