Trace Route Tool                           

    Trace Route utility of OpUtils software records the route followed in the network between the sender’s computer and a specific destination computer.

    To track the Route and the number of hops taken to traverse from the Host to the Target

    1. Click the Settings -> Tools tab.

    2. Choose Trace Route available under the Diagnostic Tools category.

    3. Enter the IP Address/Host Name from which the route has to be traced.

    4. Enter the Maximum Hops the packets should traverse before reaching the destination.

    5. Enter the Timeout period in seconds, when the packet should be considered as expired and can be discarded.

    6. Click the Trace button.

    7. Check the results. The Trace Route results show the path that the TCP/IP packets take to reach a given destination, entered as an IP address or domain name. The results display the Number of routers/hops that the packets traverse before they reach the destination address/host, the IP Address, DNS Name and the Response Time taken for each hop. As three packets are sent for each hop, the response time taken for all the three hops are displayed in the result table.