OpUtils - Upgrade Fees

The updates/upgrades to OpUtils depends on the original version pruchased. That is, if the purchased version is x, all updates to version x, like x.1, x.2 etc., are free and can directly be downloaded from the website and can be used.

Upgrading to another Major Version

While the updates are free, upgrading to another version involves upgrade fees. That is, if the version purchased is version x and if you wish to upgrade to version y, the upgrade fees are applicable as given below:

Upgade Fees for Existing 3.x Customers

Upgrade To Upgrade Fees
OpUtils 4 Single User Standard Edition USD 95
OpUtils 4 Single User Professional Edition USD 145

For multi-user licenses and other specific requirements, please contact:

How to Upgrade?

To upgrade to the latest version, please send an email to with the details such as, the current OpUtils version, upgrade requirements, purchase details, etc.