All new OS imaging and deployment feature in Desktop Central

Towards an end and all new beginning!!! It is not just the year 2017 marching towards the end, its all your painfull, time consuming  "imaging and OS deployment process" that comes to an end. Yes, a new begining, with all new capabilities,  Desktop Central is all set to release it's OS imaging and deployment feature. This means, in addition to desktop management, you will be able to image and deploy OS to desktops and servers, helping you ease the entire PC Life Cycle Management.

OS Deployment in Desktop Central supports:

The product development and testing is completed, however we are in the final league to flag off, after an official press release. Our support folks are ready to lend hands and assist you throught the evaluation process. You are all set, sign in and start off right here, 

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  1. It is recommeded to install this separately and test the OS Deployment capabilities, even if you have Desktop Central installed in your production setup.
  2. Data migration from the early access to the released version will not be supported.