OS Deployment

1. What are the Operating Systems supported by OS Deployment add-on?
2. What are the ports used by OS Deployment? 
3. Does OS Deployment support Windows Surface Pro? 
4. Why is WinPE media required?
5. Which versions of WinPE media are supported for OS Imaging and Deployment?
6. What are the WinPE architectures does OS Deployment support?
7. How is OS Deployment Licensed?
8. We have Dell and HP machines in our organisation. Does OS deployment support deployment of image on dissimilar hardware?
9. How to delete automatic collection's driver repository?
10. How to delete the drivers from Repository?
11. When will the driver repositories get synced?
12. Where will the applications be replicated for remote office deployments?
13. Where will the drivers be replicated for remote office deployments?
14. How to copy an image from one image repository to another?

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