Managing Drivers

ManageEngine Desktop Central OS Deployment supports deployment of images on dissimilar hardware. When you are deploying an image on dissimilar hardware, the target computer might miss some necessary drivers, which will inturn affects certain operations in the target computer. For example, if the hard disk/network driver is missing in the target computer, the computer will have errors during system boot up and network connections. To avoid such errors, you can store all the applicable drivers in the driver repository and the repository details. In addition to it, drivers are also automatically collected from the imaged machine and stored in the configured repository. The server  scans for the applicable drivers from these driver repositories and automatically installs them on the target computer.

image creation

Automatically Collected Drivers

The drivers will be automatically collected from two places, the system where imaging is performed and from the system where Desktop Central agent is installed.

  • From the imaging system:  
    After image creation, the image creator component checks for the available third-party drivers in the imaged system, fetches the driver details and sends the data to the server. These drivers are in turn stored in the configured driver repository and the necessary drivers from this repository are used for deployment. 
  • From the systems where Desktop Central agent is installed:
    Along with this, drivers are also collected from the systems where Desktop Central agent is installed. These drivers are also stored in the configured Automatic collection driver repository.

Click here to know how to configure driver repository.

Manually Added Drivers

You can also manually add the required drivers. You have to store the required drivers in a network share and add the share details manually. The applicable drivers from this repository will be installed on the target computers during deployment. Click here to know how to configure driver repository.

Missing Drivers

After deployment, the necessary drivers required for booting the machine is automatically installed. Once the machine is booted, the details of the missing drivers are fetched and sent to the server. The server checks if these missing drivers are available in the configured driver repositories (Automated and manual repositories) and the drivers which are not availble are listed in the missing drivers view. You can add the missing drivers in the configured manual driver repository, which can be later used for further deployment tasks.