License management

OS Deployer is a simple and handy solution that helps system administrators in imaging and deploying operating systems in just clicks. OS Deployer comes in three different editions - Professional, Enterprise and Free.

The Free edition is fully functional and comes limited with the ability to image and deploy operating systems to a total of 4 workstations and 1 server. So, if you want to manage operating systems in more than 4 workstations and 1 server, then you can purchase the OS Deployer licenses. You can choose between our Professional and Enterprise editions based on your needs.

How OS Deployer licensing works?

The OS Deployer licensing is not based on the number of times you image and deploy OS on a given computer. That is, you can image and deploy operating system on a given computer as many times as you want. Our licensing is based on the number of workstations and the servers you would like to manage using OS Deployer.

For instance, if you have purchased the licenses to manage operating systems in 200 work stations and 25 servers, consider you have deployed OS on 150 workstations. You will be left with the license for 50 workstations and 25 servers. On these 100 computers where the OS is deployed using OS Deployer, you can deploy OS as many times you want. The license count will not be deducted based on that. However, for you to be able to image and deploy OS in 250 workstations, you will have to purchase an additional 50 workstation licenses.

What if you are using Desktop Central UEM edition?

Desktop Central UEM license is also based on the number of computers you manage. Consider, you have purchased 500 UEM licenses. These licenses can be used to secure and manage computers, mobile devices and also in deploying Operating Systems. Let say you have,

  1. Employed 200 licenses in securing and managing endpoints by installing Desktop Central agents.
  2. Employed 200 licenses in just deploying OS.
  3. Employed 100 licenses in deploying OS and have the Desktop Central agent installed in it.

i.e, Only one license will be consumed if you've deployed OS using OS Deployer add-on and have installed Desktop Central agent. Now all your 500 licenses are occupied.

Now, you will have 300 computers installed with Desktop Central agents. Also under OS Deployment license details, You can see 300 MAC addresses listed as you have deployed operating systems in 300 computers using OS Deployer add-on. Out of this 300, you can see 100 MAC addresses grayed out as these computers also have Desktop Central agents installed in it.

Need more help?

If you have further concerns on OS Deployer licensing, or our license retirement policy, shoot a mail to

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